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Zeta-potential & Particle size Analyzer ELSZ-2 Measurement rangeApplication fieldsSpecificationsApplication dataOptions
Zeta-potential & Particle size Analyzer ELSZ-2
Accurate measurement for dilute and concentrated suspension
Easy-to-Use cells and friendly software
Reliable measurement based on electroosmosis profile estimation
Evaluation of surface charge on solid-plate, film, etc
Disposable cell (optional)
Wide size range (0.6nm ~ 7μm), wide concentration range (0.001% ~ 40%)
Combination of liner and log-scale correlator covers various sample characteristics
Well-established technique conforms to ISO 13321 : Particle size analysis-photon correlation spectroscopy
Micro volume cell (optional)
Measurement range
Concentration range 0.001 % ~ 40 % *1
Zeta potential -200 ~ 200 mV
Electric mobility -10 ~ 10 μm・cm/sec・V
Particle size 0.6 nm ~ 7 μm
*1(Latex115/262nm: 0.001 ~ 10%,taurocholic acid: ~ 40%)
Application fields
Optimum for fundamental researches and application researches dealing in surface science of films and plate state samples in fields such as nanotechnology, surface chemistry, inorganic materials, high polymers, organism, pharmacy, and medical science

Nanomaterial / Nanotechnology Field
Researches for fuel cells (carbon nanotube, Fullerene, nano metel, etc.) Research for nano-bio (Dendrimer, DDS, nano-capsule, etc.)

Ceramic and color material industrial fields
Researches for control of surface reforming, dispersion and aggregation of ceramics (silica, alumina, titanium oxide, etc.) and inorganic sol, control of dispersion and aggregation of pigments), and reseaches for adsorption of collector of floating ores

Semiconductor field
Reseaches for clarification of mechanism for deposition of foreign matters on silicon wafer surfaces, and interactions among abrasives, additives and wafer surface

Polymer and chemical industry fields
Reseaches for control of dispersion and aggregation of emulsions (paints and adhesives), control of surface reforming of latex (for medicines and industrial use), and researches for functionality of polyelectrolyte (polystyrene sulfonate, polycarboxyloic acid, etc.)
Control of paper and pulp manufacturing process, and researches for pulp additives

Medicine and food industry fields
Researches for control of dispersion and aggregation of emulsion (foods, flavor, medicines and cosmetics), researches for functionality of protein, researches for control of dispersion and aggregation of liposome, and researches for functionality of protein, researches for functionality of surface active agents (micelle)

Principle Electrophoretic Light Scattering (Laser Doppler)
Light source Laser diode
Detector Photo Multiplier Tube
Cells Zeta potential: Rectangular cell, high-conc. cell
Particle size: Rectangular cell
Temperature range 10 ~ 90°C
Power supply 100V ± 10% 250VA
Size(WDH) 380(W)×550(D)×207(H)
Weight Approx. 21 kg
pH Titration system
Cell for solid-plate sample
Cell for low conductivity solution
Cell for high salt concentration
Micro-volume cell

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